Tooth Trouble in Cats

Recently, Minx has had terrible tooth trouble. A while back she started to be very picky with her food and I didn’t think too much of it. She is a cat after all and they are all prone to being fussy about their food. However regardless of what she was offered she was reluctant to[…]

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Catnip Plant

Catnip Honey

Catnip is great for bees and makes great honey! Nepeta Cataria is the wild version of the plant and it is not common in Britain or Ireland but is naturalised in many parts of North America where the early settlers brought the plant as a medicinal herb. The plant has erect growing stems that can[…]

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Dublin Cat Fair 2017

On Sunday November 19th the very first ever Dublin Cat Fair took place in Wynns Hotel just off O’Connell Street. I had never been to a Cat Fair before so when Alice, the organiser, asked me to attend as an exhibitor and to give a talk on catnip, I was delighted but nervous about the[…]

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Hand Grown Catnip Ireland

Update on the 2017 Catnip Harvest

Well we have been cutting and hanging catnip for days.  We are about one third through the crop and all the plants look fabulous with lots of good size cream and purple flowers on nice clean stems.  The crop looks stunning in flower and there are thousands of bees and hundreds of butterflies feeding on[…]

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Cat and Catnip

Sleepy Catnip Cat

I have been working in Quality Control all day and I am exhausted.  Everything is perfect with the catnip plants but I am very thorough and I like to do a very exhaustive series of hands on tests of the plants before I give my seal of approval.  As you can see it really takes[…]

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