Catnip Plant

Catnip Honey

Catnip is great for bees and makes great honey! Nepeta Cataria is the wild version of the plant and it is not common in Britain or Ireland but is naturalised in many parts of North America where the early settlers brought the plant as a medicinal herb. The plant has erect growing stems that can[…]

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Dublin Cat Fair 2017

On Sunday November 19th the very first ever Dublin Cat Fair took place in Wynns Hotel just off O’Connell Street. I had never been to a Cat Fair before so when Alice, the organiser, asked me to attend as an exhibitor and to give a talk on catnip, I was delighted but nervous about the[…]

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Interview with at the National Ploughing Championship

We had a great time at the NPC this year. We met some of our existing customers and the feedback we got was universally positive – it means such a lot to us to know that our hard work means that cats and their owners are having fun and creating memories with our products. Here[…]

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Catnip and Patchouli Bottle

Catnip Reed Diffusers for Sale

Reed Diffusers are the latest product that we are bringing to market in our quest to find new ways to use the wonderful catnip plant. Obviously the most important use of our homegrown catnip is as a stimulant for pet cats but it also has a great calming affect on humans. It has traditionally been[…]

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We now have Asian Matatabi Silvervine for sale

Around 80% of cats are genetically predisposed to react to catnip which means that 20% of cats and owners are  missing out on the fun – we don’t think that this is fair which is why we have started selling Silvervine (or Silver Vine). Silvervine, (Actinidia polygama) is a deciduous climbing vine grown in the[…]

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