Fred the Catnip Farmer

Hi, I’m Fred, a handsome green eyed tabby cat who loves fresh catnip.  My human has been giving me regular catnip treats ever since I was a scrap she found in a flower pot.  A couple of years ago she had real problems getting good quality catnip and I got fed up with the weak, powdery stuff that she did manage to get for me.  So, I had words with her and said if she couldn’t get good catnip in the shops, or on the internet, then she jolly well would have to stFred resting after playing with Fresh Catnipart growing it.  I am worth it after all.!

It took her a while to source good quality organic seed and then of course she had to learn how to grow it and prepare it for me.  She didn’t even know that catnip’s proper name is Nepeta Cataria when she started but I think she has it all sussed out now.

I am a very fussy cat so I only use the leaves and flowers in my mix – I throw the horrible stalks away.
I do not use any pesticides at all.  All my plants are hand sown, hand cut and air dried.  This is to make sure that the leaves and flowers are damaged as little as possible.  Every little bit of damage releases the precious essential oils from the plant making it less potent!  All my fresh catnip is grown in the Midlands in Ireland where the soil is wonderful for catnip growing.

I am so glad I have my own farm now.  When I think of some of the terrible mashed up sawdust that was the catnip I have had to put up with in the past, it doesn’t bear thinking about.  But these days I can chill out whenever I want!

Now I have so much yummy top quality fresh catnip growing I can’t use it all myself so I decided to let some of my feline friends buy some too.  Make sure you get your human to get some for you.  Remember only the best is good enough for you.

More products are on the way – but as you can see it’s time to chill …..