Why use Fred’s Catnip ?

Fresh Catnip straight from the farm

‘A happy cat is a catnip cat’ is our motto at Fred’s Catnip Farm and we have a mission to provide top quality catnip to our customers so that both cats and owners enjoy the most fun possible. 

Most cats just love it and every cat will have their own individual reaction. It can make a cat playful, rolling in the catnip and play hunting or it can make a cat completely relaxed and chilled out. This reaction is all due to the Nepetalactone contained in the leaves and flowers of the plant and the strength and freshness of the Nepetalactone is key to your cat’s reaction to it.

In order to ensure our product is the very best it can be, we source top quality seeds. We sow our plants by hand, weed constantly and when the plants are in full bloom, carefully harvest the stems which are air dried before being hand stripped for the leaves and flowers. We never ever use any pesticides or herbicides. Our plants are handled with the greatest of care and we believe this maximises the level of Nepetalactone retained in our catnip.

Catnip is the common name for Nepeta Cataria, a perennial herb that belongs to the Mint family. It has similar leaves and the same square stem structure as other mints but is not generally used for cooking. Its main use is as an attractant for cats and it is widely used in cat toys.

As it is a natural product, poor handling or long term storage will cause significant deterioration in quality. Nepetalactone can be lost from handling or exposure to light and this will be reflected in lower reactions in cats to the product.

Our Catnip GrowingCatnip Being Processed

Most of the Catnip currently on sale in the UK and Ireland is imported from China or Canada – it cannot be as fresh as ours and the air miles are not great for the environment. Similarly most of our competitors bulk out their products with the stalks of the plant which contain less Nepetalactone and means that they are not as potent as ours.

For maximum longevity keep our catnip in a dark, dry and most importantly, cat proof location.